Miss Plano Frisco

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MPFO 2015 Titleholders Winter Greetings

Mission Statement & Purpose

The mission of the Miss Plano Frisco Scholarship Organization is to provide financial assistance to students for higher education through yearly scholarships, as well as educate them in the importance of community involvement. The Scholarship Fund is committed to help mold our youth into sound citizens and people of character and integrity by encouraging them to continue their education and community service.

Working in conjunction with the community, schools and parents, it is our intention to provide experiences designed to address the needs of young people. Our resources will be used to provide incentives, motivation, and support that stimulate social, academic and professional success among children in our community.

If you are interested in volunteering, sponsoring or booking an appearance please contact:
Cynthia Fennell at (972) 672-2754 or e-mail


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