Miss Plano Frisco

Erin Hunt, Miss Plano 2011

Miss Plano 2011

Erin is pursuing her Bachelor of Arts degree as a Communication Specialist with the ambition to in the Entertainment Industry. She is an avid volunteer and believes in providing support, guidance, friendship, and respect to those who are in need. With a caring heart she helps to encourage children across the state and the nation to find effective mentors in their lives. She also encourages adults to become involved in their communities and serve as inspirational mentors, because she knows first-hand how dramatically mentoring can help to promote success and allow children to express their thoughts, dreams, and ideas.

She competed for the title of Miss Texas on July 1, 2011 and performed a Jazz Dance to “Mein Herr”.

Erin was awarded: 7th Place and was a Preliminary SwimWear Winner

Platform: The Power of Mentorship: A Pathway to Making Dreams a Reality

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