Miss Texas 2006, Shilah Phillips (former Miss Frisco) Miss Texas Crowning in Art Exhibit

Shilia Phillips' Miss Texas crowning is featured in a video as part of the "Posing Beauty in African American Culture" exhibit at the Taubman Museum of Art - in Roanoke, Virginia. The Exhibit is on display June 11 August 22, 2010. Shilah Phillips, Miss Texas crowing in Art Exhibit-1 Michael Hannah, former Miss Texas Official, served as a state judge for the Miss Virginia pageant on June 25 and toured the exhibit. The exhibit explores the contested ways in which African American beauty has been represented in historical and contemporary contexts through photography.

The 84 images in the exhibition challenge idealized forms of beauty in art by examining their portrayal and exploring a variety of attitudes about race, class, gender, popular culture, and politics as seen through the aesthetics of representation.
Shilah Phillips, Miss Texas crowing in Art Exhibit-1
The first of three thematic sections, Constructing a Pose, considers the interplay between the historical and the contemporary and between self-representation and imposed representation, as well as the relationship between subject and photographer. The second thematic section, Body and Image, questions the ways in which our contemporary understanding of beauty has been constructed and framed through the body. The last section, Modeling Beauty and Beauty Contests, invites us to reflect upon the ambiguities of beauty, its impact on mass culture and individuals, and how the display of beauty affects the ways in which we see and interpret the world and ourselves.

The Miss Plano Frisco Organization program exists to give young women a vehicle to further their personal educational goals. Shilah is a prime example of how the Miss America program can help young women realize their education dreams. Shilah was working three jobs in order to pay for school, was persuaded by a friend to enter as she needed college fund assistance. The cutoff age was looming and this was her one and only chance. She won the title of Miss Texas 2006 and went on to compete for Miss America placing as 1st Runner Up to Lauren Nelson walking away with over $40,000 in scholarship funds. What an accomplishment. Shilah was not only the 2nd woman in the history of the Miss Texas program to win the title on her first try, but she also became the first African-American woman to represent the Lone Star State in the Miss America pageant.

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