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Kaitlyn Wilson, Teen Frisco 2011

Teen Frisco 2011

Kaitlyn is an Honors Student in High School and has a goal of one day becoming a Dentist, specializing in Orthodontics. From a young age Kaitlyn began embracing the value of caring for people in need. Her passion was so strong she developed her own organization Volunteers in Progress, aka V.I.P. It is an organization designed to promote volunteerism to the younger generation and offer opportunities for students to learn how to minister to the needs of those around them. She believes that by providing volunteer opportunities for different activities it will build a generation of generous and compassionate young adults. Kaitlyn’s motto is “From Youthful Seeds Grow Mighty Tress”.

Kaitlyn competed for the title of Miss Texas’ Outstanding Teen on July 1, 2011 and performed a vocal solo singing Bridge Over Troubled Water.

Kaitlyn was awarded: 9th Place; Overall Interview Award and Teen Community Service Award.

Platform: V.I.P. – Volunteers In Progress

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