Miss Plano Frisco

Jessica Powell, Teen Plano 2011

Teen Plano 2011

Jessica is a Top Scholar in High School and already has become a teacher in the area of her passion, dance. She learned early on that lessons learned in dance are the same as those used in everyday life. If you put the “Steps” together correctly, success in both is guaranteed. Today, years after her first day of dance class, Jessica attributes her successes to some of the core foundations she learned through dance. She has been successful in setting goals, staying focused & disciplined and learning to never give up. These are just a few characteristics and values she enjoys sharing with others she teaches and mentors on a regular basis.

Jessica competed for the title of Miss Texas' Outstanding Teen on July 1, 2011 and performed Dance en Pointe to the song Music of the Night.

Jessica was awarded: 3rd Runner Up to Miss Texas' Outstanding Teen 2011; Alpha Preliminary Fitness; Preliminary Fitness; Alpha High Fitness Award; Overall High Fitness Award; Alpha Preliminary Talent; Preliminary Talent; Alpha High Talent Award; and Overall High Talent; Top Alpha Award.

Platform: Life’s a D.A.N.C.E.: The Steps To a Successful Life

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