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Madison Fuller, Miss Teen Texas 2010

Madison Fuller, Miss Teen Texas 2010

Words could not describe the sensation Madison felt being crowned Miss Teen Texas 2010 on July 2nd. It had been a life-long goal; one she had dreamed and hoped would come true. When her name was called as the new Miss Teen Texas Madison said it was unlike anything she could have ever imagined. “It was a great blessing to be standing on stage, hand in hand with one of her very best friends and Miss Plano Frisco pageant sister, Kaitlyn Wilson” (Miss Teen Plano and Madison’s 1st Runner Up). Madison further commented, “although I hardly remember anything, I do remember how excited I was when Kaitlyn and I were the last two standing. We both stood there crying while our MPFO Delegation went wild! I wouldn’t change that moment for the world! And then having my name called Miss Teen Texas 2010…I still get chill bumps when I think about it! That crown being placed on my head by Taylor Lowery, my former MPFO (Miss Plano Frisco Organization) sister and Teen Frisco 2009 was amazing! And then walking the runway with my Miss Texas, Ashley Melnick was a dream come true!”

From that moment on, Madison’s life changed as she had realized her dream come true and that she would be able to take her platform of putting an end to bullying into schools across the great state of Texas. Madison knows first-hand the effects and feelings to be a bully victim from her experience in the 7th grade. With winning the title of Miss Teen Texas, Madison was named National Spokesperson for the Bully Suicide Project, which is a non-profit organization devoted to spreading hope to students affected by bullying in their schools.

Madison was asked to be a part of the program because of her platform Leo's Life Lessons: How To Deal With Bullies. She enjoys volunteering and sharing her time to help those in need. Spreading the message of Leo’s Life Lessons aligns well with the Bully Suicide Project, both of which desire to stop bullying, along with educating and reaching those who have been affected by this very conscious and deliberate behavior.

In sharing her platform with students, Madison explains this repeated and hostile act can be very serious and result in long term effects. She relays three key elements about bullying: They are not alone, it is not the victim’s fault and most importantly something can be done about it. As Miss Teen Frisco 2010, Madison was working with school counselors and encouraging students to join her in promoting an environment of a “bully free school”. As Miss Teen Texas and the National Spokesperson for Bully Suicide Project, she will now be able to reach a national audience.

Madison is a young woman who holds sound moral principles and always lets her sunny personality shine through as she stands up for what she believes in. She is a wonderful young teenager who understands the importance of mentoring in addition to the significance and value of being an honorable role model to younger and future generations.

Madison’s winning court included: Miss Teen Plano, Kaitlyn Wilson, 1st Runner-Up; Miss Teen Southlake, BreAnna Young, 2nd Runner-Up; Miss Teen East Texas, Reilly Johannsen, 3rd Runner-Up; Miss Teen Woodlands, Ali York, 4th Runner-Up

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